[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 9105] (1) CSS layout error (2) CSS media handheld not recognized, only occures on S60 version of WebKit.

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------- Comment #1 from koivisto at iki.fi  2006-05-25 14:34 PDT -------
1) This is a result of canvas expansion we do to prevent pages from getting too
narrow. If you try http://www.w3.org/Style/CSS/ on a desktop browser and make
the window very narrow you will see what I mean. Essentially the right side
toolbar gets positioned outside the screen (you see it in the page view).
Perhaps we need to turn off the canvas expansion in case there are fixed
positioned elements on the page.

2) We don't support @media handheld because
- It is mutually exclusive with @media screen, so any page that uses @media
screen (for example to differentiate between print) would have problems. The
mechanism seems poorly thought out as it does not provide fallbacks and assumes
strict division between "handheld" and "screen" devices.
- The existing @media handheld content is generally targeted to very low-end
devices and I think in most cases @media screen content gives better user
experience with the devices we are targeting. 

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