[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 9017] Weather2.css incorrectly sniffed as JavaScript resource @ www.live.com

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Sat May 20 14:59:41 PDT 2006


------- Comment #1 from ggaren at apple.com  2006-05-20 14:59 PDT -------
Strangely, it looks like the JS code creates a script element to load the CSS

URL: "http://www.live.com/"

(gdb) p this->Node::toString(exec).ascii()
$44 = 0x138d9c00 "\n{\n  el = document.createElement(\"script\");\n 
el.onreadystatechange = doCallback;\n  el.src = o.url;\n  if
(!Web.Browser.isIE())\n    {\n      el.readyState = \"loaded\";\n     
doCallback();\n    }\n}"

So the question is, why does the JS code take this path in Safari but not FF?
Or does FF just know that CSS is CSS, even if it's loaded into a script
element? (Seems unlikely.)

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