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------- Comment #57 from mike.emmel at gmail.com  2006-06-30 15:03 PDT -------

I have worked on the problem 

here are my current astyle rules

astyle \
--mode=c \
--convert-tabs \
--indent=spaces=4 \
--brackets=linux \
--indent-switches \
--max-instatement-indent=40 \
--min-conditional-indent=4 \
--one-line=keep-statements \
--one-line=keep-blocks \
--pad=oper \

They don't quite work.

For example

namespace foo {


namespace foo

But this is actually consistent with the style of


So I'd argue that astyle really does it correctly. But in any case I'm willing
to modify astyle to handle this case since its easily detectable.

I can't do 
And I can't find a rule that would do if() -> if ()
But agian this should be easy to add.

I'm willing to do the work to modify astyle to support something close to the
current style rules.

I think its really important to be able to automatically style code and I'll do
the work I need some support.
I posted this to the list and recieved no comments.


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