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------- Comment #44 from mike.emmel at gmail.com  2006-06-29 19:30 PDT -------
(In reply to comment #42)
> I've just brought my tree up to date and applied the latest patch.  Compiling
> inside WebCore dies with the error "make: *** No rule to make target
> `../../DerivedSources/WebCore/ColorData.cpp', needed by
> `obj-gnu/webcore_gdk_ColorData.o'. Stop."

Once there in I'm sure I will need to make more changes the compile break
(In reply to comment #42)

I also want to add there is no way with the delay that I can provide a patch
that will build since the linux build is broken reguarly by other changes.
The reasons are generally small.

I don't expect it to build now the patch was done to long ago.

But as soon as this is in I'll checkout and generate another patch.
At that point I'd like to request that the patch applier test the build and tag
it.  If we get the change small and thus the turnaround faster there is a good
chance that I'll get a working build.

Please lets get this in so were not dealing with so many changes and so
hopefully someone with commit access can make the small changes needed to keep
the linux port building.

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