[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 8351] display:none has no effect on <option> element

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------- Comment #7 from rwlbuis at xs4all.nl  2006-06-25 03:08 PDT -------
Hi Darin,
(In reply to comment #6)
> (From update of attachment 8980 [edit])
> Ideally this would not be done inside the renderer since the renderer is going
> away, but I suppose Adele can just consider it when re-implementing it.

I do not know the exact plans, though I noticed the Deprecated bit ofcourse.

> It seems very strange to check the style attached to an object directly without
> doing any style resolution. If we are going to do it, we should not be

I was under the impression that style resolution could become very costly
when having selects with a lot of option items inside. If that is not the case,
can give it a go, though I am not sure how the displa:none in the default
will affect the outcome.
Also it seemed to me FF doesnt do full style resolution for options either.

> converting it to a string. We should be getting the CSSValue object and then
> calling isPrimitiveValue(), casting to a CSSPrimitiveValue, calling getIdent()
> on it, and then checking against CSS_VAL_NONE.

Right, does seem better.

> Besides not doing any style resolution, it also seems strange to single out
> display:none and not implement any other properties, like visibility:hidden or
> other stranger display values.

Well, that is not in the bug description :) Could be added, note that FF does
the item when having visibility:hidden, but gives it no title/label.

> I'm going to review- this because at the very least we should use
> getPropertyCSSValue instead of getPropertyValue.

I'll attach a patch that does this. Please indicate how to go on with this bug
fix, may
need chatting with Adele?


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