[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 9418] WebKit will not build when Space exists in path

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------- Comment #6 from ap at nypop.com  2006-06-15 21:40 PDT -------
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> This doesn't look like a gnu make issue to me.

  One problem is that make doesn't handle spaces in VPATH. From release notes
for a Win32 port:

"Unlike Unix, Windows 95/NT systems encourage pathnames which contain white
space (e.g. C:\Program Files\). These sorts of pathnames are legal under Unix
too, but are never encouraged. There is at least one place in make (VPATH/vpath
handling) where paths containing white space will simply not work. There may be
others too. I chose to not try and port make in such a way so that these sorts
of paths could be handled. I offer these suggestions as workarounds:

1. Use 8.3 notation
2. Rename the directory so it does not contain white space."

  Google only gives rather obscure links, but the issue is real, and, of
course, not limited to Win32. We use make for derived sources.

> And it also seems to me that this workaround will cause problems if and when
> the Xcode team fixes Xcode.

AFAIK, the known bugs have been fixed in Xcode 2.3, one just needs to quote
paths that may contain spaces. So, my patch consists of two parts:
- quote the paths (of course, I did that via UI, and not by hacking the project
- create symlinks in DerivedSources to avoid the need to pass absolute paths to

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