[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 9314] Relative positioned block size doesnt update root layer size

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Sun Jun 11 02:59:07 PDT 2006


------- Comment #11 from hyatt at apple.com  2006-06-11 02:59 PDT -------
Even if we don't patch overflowLeft/Top/Width/Height, the
leftmost/Rightmost/LowestPosition calls have to be patched in basically all the
places they grab kids and look at their x/y positions, and I think it's more
important to fix this case where we don't show scrollbars when we should then
to get all the edge cases right.  (The case where we show scrollbars when we
shouldn't seems much more unlikely to occur in practice.)

So you could adjust your patch to apply the relativePositionOffset at the
floating objects walk (have to account for floating objects like images being
relatively positioned) in RenderBlock.cpp and the child walks in

I would r+ a patch that is very similar to what you posted as long as it
accounts for non-RenderFlow relative-positioned objects.  (Patch the places in
leftmost/rightmost/lowestPosition that fetch children, rather than the
RenderFlow return chokepoint.)

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