[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 10094] REGRESSION: Japanese characters improperly rendering in TOT

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Tue Jul 25 02:38:39 PDT 2006


------- Comment #6 from ap at nypop.com  2006-07-25 02:38 PDT -------
Why is this special case for Hiragana&Katakana needed at all? The code appeared
in r8701 without a test case:

r8701 | rjw | 2005-02-25 23:54:19 +0300 (Fri, 25 Feb 2005) | 9 lines

        Fixed <rdar://problem/4000962> 8A375: Help Viewer displays voiced sound
and semi-voiced characters strangely (characters don't seem to be composed)

        Added special case for voiced marks.

        Reviewed by John.

        * WebCoreSupport.subproj/WebTextRenderer.m:


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