[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 6526] Tiger REGRESSION: Global variables outside function scope inaccessible within PAC files

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Mon Jan 23 21:39:22 PST 2006


------- Comment #4 from jdandrea at att.net  2006-01-23 21:39 -------
This isn't officially assigned to me, but I figure if I can take the time to
file a bug I can try my hand at hunting it down. Leaving notes here for whoever
it is ultimately assigned to.

Maciej Stachowiak suggested starting with ResolveNode::evaluate in
JavaScriptCore/kjs/nodes.cpp ... sure enough, it throws an exception (writing
"ReferenceError: Can't find variable: nil" to console).

Per MS, "ResolveNode is the class that handles lookup of unqualified variable
names in the scope chain" so perhaps said scope chain isn't set up sanely for
the PAC case?

Previously tried the attached PAC file with and without an explicit "var" in
front of "myVar" - no difference. Will try both variants using TOT.

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