[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 6550] REGRESSION: Pressing "Empty" link in Yahoo! Mail doesn't execute deletion action

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Sun Jan 22 21:51:30 PST 2006


------- Comment #5 from ddkilzer at kilzer.net  2006-01-22 21:51 -------
I looked through the revisions, but nothing jumped out at me as an obvious fix.
 There were a couple of large refactorings in there, which may or may not be
the source of the issue.

Looking at the "Show" link (which changes to "Hide" once clicked and the page
reloads) in Firefox's DOM Inspector, the "onclick" event to the <span
id="personalfoldersdisplaytoggle">Show</span> tag is set to a function named

function PersonalFoldersDisplayToggle_Click() {
    var sDoneURL = (g_oDoneURL) ? g_sDoneURL : document.URL;
    window.open("/" + g_sYMURI + "/Welcome?pers=1&.done=" + escape(sDoneURL) +
"&" + g_sURLExtras, "_self");

This function seems to use window.open(..., "_self") to open a new URL, which
jogs my memory regarding some of the refactoring done in the revisions listed.

The "Empty" link is an anchor tag like this:  <a
href="javascript:EmptyFolder('@B at Bulk')">Empty</a>.  It also uses
window.open(..., "_self") to open a new URL.

function EmptyFolder(folder)
        var warnonempty = folder == "@B at Bulk" ? (!noDelBulkMsgWarning) :
        var emptyFol = true;
            var sMessage = folder == "@B at Bulk" ? "Are you sure? Deleted Bulk
messages are gone forever, and will not go to your Trash folder." : "Are you
sure you want to empty the folder?";
            emptyFol = showEmptyFolderWarning(sMessage, folder);

            var url = "/ym/ShowFolder?";
            url += folder == "Trash" ? "ET" : "EB";
            url += "=1&.crumb=Jh5hwHIvCG6&reset=1&YY=43036";
            window.open(url, '_self');

Looks like we may have a smoking gun!

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