[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 7346] Web Archive fails to save frameset page properly

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Tue Feb 21 15:16:22 PST 2006


------- Comment #1 from ddkilzer at kilzer.net  2006-02-21 15:16 PDT -------
One thing I noticed about the .webarchive format is that WebKit appears to walk
the DOM and output HTML based on the DOM rather than saving the originally
loaded source that would be available via Cmd-Opt-U.  (Note that I HAVE NOT
looked at the actual source yet--I'm basing this on observed behavior!)

This shows up as all tag names becoming capitalized (<HTML>, <HEAD>, etc.), and
missing tags in the output that aren't included in the DOM (like <noframes> in
Safari 2.0.3 before recent fixes in ToT WebKit).

If WebKit were to write out the original source to the .webarchive files, this
would fix this bug.

Note that the DOM would still have to be walked to gather all of the various
external resources (scripts, images, stylesheets, frames, etc.), but it might
be walked at a much faster rate since only those tags with external resources
would need to be processed.

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