[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 3230] CSS1: Words with inline elements get extra capital letters

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Sun Feb 19 01:50:43 PST 2006


------- Comment #11 from contact at nickshanks.com  2006-02-19 01:50 PDT -------
Sorry about my previous comment, i didn't realise bugzilla couldn't handle
unicode. (I have remapped U+2010 HYPHEN to the key between zero and equals.)

Word breaking isn't the same thing though, so you shouldn't be using
UBreakIterator really. For example hyphenated words like Semi?circle (that's
"Semi-circle" using a HYPHEN-MINUS) or Meso­potamia (Mesopotamia with a SOFT
HYPHEN after the second syllable) can break after the hyphen but should not
capitalise. All of the spaces from U+2002 to U+200B should be followed by a
capital. As for the non?breaking space, which as best I can tell is mostly used
in cases such as "20 kg" and "Rameses II" should probably not be capitalised
due to usage, where for example "100 ?" ? "100 ?".

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