[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 7042] SVG Tests have revision mismatches between expected image and w3c expected Image

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Fri Feb 17 19:33:03 PST 2006


------- Comment #3 from christopher_jerome at iprimus.com.au  2006-02-17 19:33 PDT -------
Oh well. whatever. 

This attitude does make me feel a bit apprehensive and or coy about reporting
problems I may find, or contributing anything that I might be able to/want to
fix in the future. 

And anyway, if this does no harm to anything, as you said 'there are better
things for us to do', if this little piece of trivia does no cause false
results anywhere, then let it go.. 

I just thought that It may be important, and found it a little odd, and was
just trying to help out as I do.

And also my apologies for marking this as a 'priority 1', that WAS purely
un-intentional, I thought that by NOT changing the priority level, meant that
it did not mark any priority level at all, because I was not sure what priority
it should be IF any, so I just left it, wrongly thinking that a priority would
NOT be added at all. I also should have been more specific about that small
detail of me being unsure of it's importance in my original post.

And that wording of the second comment like 'To be honest, we've got better
things to do :' was unneccesary, as Eric Seidel made this clear to me anyway in
his first response. I looked further into this, and... Well I did come to the
same conclusion with being more enlightened by Eric's response. which I did not
read, because I was away over the weekend, And I would have said "oh what the
heck, man. just Close the bug" and My apologies for not responding due to that
fact, Eric.

I could discuss these small details on the irc channel if so wish, I'd like to
understand more about these things, that could be misinterperated, so It don't
happen again, and make us look stupid.

Cheers, Chris. J

(In reply to comment #2)
> We don't want to fix this, closing as such. To be honest, we've got better
> things to do :)

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