[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 7278] Possible Error in Cairo Image renderer

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------- Comment #1 from jhaygood at spsu.edu  2006-02-15 10:58 PDT -------
(In reply to comment #0)
> I'm currently working on an initial GTK+ 2 port, and while implementing the
> image stuff (to see if indeed the Cairo implementation works on GTK+ 2.8), GCC
> 4.1 noticed a possible error in either the header for ImageDecoder.h or the
> consumer in ImageSourceCairo.cpp:
> Header has this:
> virtual RGBA32Buffer frameBufferAtIndex(size_t index) = 0;
> Source has this:
> RGBA32Buffer& buffer = m_decoder->frameBufferAtIndex(index);
> Does frameBufferAtIndex really return a reference or the actual object? It
> appears to be accessing like the regular object...

This 'possible error' does result in a build error on SUSE Linux 10.1 Beta 3's
GCC 4.1... essentially using non-const type bla bla bla (something like that,
didn't write it down)

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