[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 6309] multiple problems prevent bookmarking/back button technique for AJAX/DHTML applications from working

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Wed Feb 8 01:48:15 PST 2006


------- Comment #20 from bkn3 at columbia.edu  2006-02-08 01:48 PDT -------
Here is a test page using the Really Simple History library which works on IE
and Firefox:


You can use this to make sure that your fixes work. This is a simple, fake
AJAX/DHTML email client put together to show AJAX history, bookmarking, and
back/button support.

What you should do is click around on the left hand sidebar; make sure that the
page location changes at the top, showing a new anchor location. Then, press
the back and forward buttons, and make sure that the history changes in the
anchor bar. Press the reload button and make sure the page stays the same, then
press back and forward again to make sure the history is still there. Manually
change the anchor location to a new place (such as #drafts), then press enter;
the page should correctly change; continue using the history to make sure this
manual change doesn't break things, by clicking on the sidebar more. Then, go
to http://google.com in this window, let Google load, and then press the back
button to jump back to the test page; you should be on the last history
location you left it at. Continue pressing the back button to jump through your
history state, ensuring that leaving the page and then returning has not
cleared out your AJAX history.

This all works in IE and Firefox. It should work in Safari. Google has adopted
this library for some of their own projects, so getting it working in Safari
would be nice.

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