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Here's what can be described as Apple problem with Arabic OT enhanced TrueType
fonts in a nut shell:
OS 10.4 can now 'translate' OT instructions of a font into its own AAT
environment. This by the way, also includes GPOS and GSUB tables of OT. Most of
OT tables can now be interpreted in AAT environment of Apple except the most
crucial part of Uniscribe for Arabic script which deals with Arabic letters
contextualization. Naturally, when the initial, medial and final forms of
letters are not produced, the other OT features that ARE interpreted in AAT
environment are completely meaningless. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary
for a TTF font to have AAT tables inside the font to be able to contextualize
Arabic script.
So for a Mac user of the web of Arabic script, the ability of the browser to
give the control over the font choice to the user (to override the MS font
calls of most web-pages) has crucial importance.


> Dear Mitz;
> The problem of broken cursive connectivity is not limited to these "bad" fonts
> (Tahoma, Arial, TimeNewRoman). It is rather a problem in ATS/AAT technology and
> OSX text engine. For example all of these fonts works properly in Mellel and
> Indesign ME, that because this two program uses their own text engine rather
> than the one built into OSX.  As I have mentioned in my previous post OSX has
> problem in dealing with ALL non Apple (the one without AAT table)
> Arabic/Persian/Urdu fonts no matter if they are TTF or OT. To prove this I can
> send you privately some TTF&OT fonts so that you can test and see by yourself.
> Although the Arabic OT and TTF I have has designed by professional and has all
> the necessary resources that they should have, they displayed broken by
> TextEdit or any other application which is dependent on OSX ATS/AAT to handle
> the text. As to "mort/morx, OpenType GSUB/GPOS" because I do not know about
> these I will ask a friend who is an expert to comment on these issues. 
> As to the workaround you suggested using the style sheet, I have tried this but
> neither in Safari nor in WEbkit it is properly functional. Beside for a user to
> load an style sheet just to be able to set other fonts than the default fonts
> is not a good solution. It should be possible for user to define fonts for
> different script system as it is done (and works) in Mozilla. Webkit should
> respect the user choice of other fonts and it should override the default
> fonts, something than it is not possible in Webkits current version. 
> best regards, Ahmad

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