[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 7058] REGRESSION: Tab seems to be loading forever after redirect

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------- Comment #6 from ddkilzer at kilzer.net  2006-02-04 10:25 PDT -------
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>         - use Timer for everything, kill timer features of QObject, QTimer, QTimerEvent

That's the one!

> Safari gets into a state where it knows an instant client redirect is pending,
> but then this state never gets cleared. So it thinks an instant client redirect
> is pending forever, hence the UI looks like we're still loading as we wait. So
> the change that broke it is either something about sending a 0-interval client
> redirect webView: delegate call back where one was not sent before, or
> something about not cancelling such a redirect.

I added some debugging printf statements to the code and found that the bug
only occurs when MacFrame::startRedirectionTimer() is called.  It, in turn,
calls Frame::startRedirectionTimer() which calls
d->m_redirectionTimer.startOneShot(d->m_delayRedirect) with d->m_delayRedirect
equal to 0.0.

I can't figure out why MacFrame::startRedirectionTimer() is only called on some
redirects but not others, though.

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