[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 7360] Typing style isn't bold in a bold context

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------- Comment #10 from Graham.Dennis at gmail.com  2006-04-28 18:17 PDT -------
Sorry for the delay in replying...

(In reply to comment #8)
> I'm not sure that this bug is titled appropriately anymore, and the testcase
> that's attached doesn't describe what it's testing.  Let's make sure we're on
> the same page.  There is only one bug discussed here that I am familiar with. 
> If there are others, let's file those in separate reports.

That's the bug I'm talking about.

Of the three cases I was talking about, only the third worked incorrectly. The
reason I mentioned the other two is because they are similar, and at present
the HTML code produced for 2 and 3 is identical, however I wasn't sure how they
should differ when the bug is fixed.

> > In HTML, it will be difficult to tell the difference between case 1 and case 2 because all tags must be nested
> What do you mean by "all tags must be nested"?
What I mean to say is that in Cocoa, this problem is avoided because we can say
that the bolding started in one paragraph, continued through one paragraph and
into the next. However this is impossible to do with one tag in HTML as all
tags must be nested. The bolding region that starts in the first paragraph must
also finish in the first paragraph. So a new bolding region must be used for
the second and third paragraphs.

My solution to this problem is where a bolding region (or styling region in
general) would cover an entire paragraph (actually any Block element), the
style is applied to the block element itself, instead of creating a styling
span within it. This way, when all text in a block is deleted (and any empty
styling spans removed), when the cursor moves away and back again, the style
that was applied to the block will still apply to the text.

Let me know if I haven't explained myself properly...

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