[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 8233] downloads have "txt" appended, despite already having a correct, valid, suffix

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Sun Apr 23 12:58:21 PDT 2006


------- Comment #1 from antony.johnston at gmail.com  2006-04-23 12:58 PDT -------
I've encountered this as well, with two other file types: .cbz and .cbr. 

.cbz files are .zips with the suffix simply changed, in order to associate them
with image reading programs like FFView (and CDisplay on PCs). Downloading such
a file with Safari results in Safari adding a ".zip" extension after the
manually-added ".cbz" extension. (This doesn't happen in Mac Firefox, or on PCs
in either FF or IE).

a .cbr is the same thing, but made from a .rar file. Safari adds a ".txt"
extenion, again after the ".cbr", to these files. And once again, this doesn't
happen in Mac FF, or PC FF/IE.

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