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> Thank you for the test case! Some comments:
> 1) I had to change the paths to .js files (e.g. /js/prototype.js to
> js/prototype.js) for them to be found.
Oh, very sorry for my mistake there!

> 2) I didn't get an alert when clicking outside the input field.
Oh, well, it gives one here. That's unrelated tho, as far as I know.

> 3) I could only reproduce the crash in stock 10.4.5 Safari, but not in ToT.

> Could you please try a nightly build from <http://nightly.webkit.org> to verify
> that the problem is no longer reproducible?
I will do that now.

For what it's worth, I've narrowed it down a little further-- it seems to be
that anytime you have an input text field that has an onblur function which
removes the text field (like with script.aculo.us' Ajax.InPlaceEditor does, or
like my alternative method of setting an onblur function which disposes of the
in place editor), it triggers this crash. My workaround (which is actually
ideal for my use) is to use setTimeout to remove the editor (and therefore the
field) after the onblur has completed.

I'm going to go verify with the nightly now. Thanks!

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