[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 8131] Some properties and methods of window and document objects cannot be converted to a string

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Sun Apr 2 12:22:59 PDT 2006


------- Comment #3 from browserbugs at gtalbot.org  2006-04-02 12:22 PDT -------

> Some of the properties here cannot be explicitly converted to a string:
> alert(window['CSSRule']); // OK, [object CSSRuleConstructor]

I've never seen such "window['CSSRule']" code but I know one can access css
rules in Firefox with

if(document.styleSheets && "cssRules" in document.styleSheets[0]) 
// DOM 2 CSS interface compliant
... code ...


At this precise url
Peter-Paul Koch claims that Safari 1.3 supports cssRules[] collection. He gives
a testpage:

> Event object is dumped correctly in current WebKit builds, available at
> <http://nightly.webkit.org>.

<...Argh...sigh> unfortunately, I can only test my website with a Mac in an
Internet Cafe.

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