[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 6276] Image thumbnails are misplaced on forum.2ostrov.ru

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Fri Dec 30 15:13:41 PST 2005


------- Additional Comments From opendarwin.org at mitzpettel.com  2005-12-30 15:13 -------
I think there are two different categories of bugs here, each represented in at least one bugzilla bug. One 
is the incomplete repaint, bug 3509 and bug 6728, where if you force repaint (e.g. by doing Select All and 
deselecting) the anomaly is gone, and one is the broken layout (like in this bug, or sometimes happens in 
the Reviews column at http://www.loopware.com/iflash/ ), where forced repaint doesn't help, and you can 
see the problem in the render tree (if you know what to look for).

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