[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 6262] Centering table within a absolute positioned div does not work

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Tue Dec 27 15:27:29 PST 2005


------- Additional Comments From L.B.Kruijswijk at inter.nl.net  2005-12-27 15:27 -------
If you remove the 'div', then Safari will center the table.

There are in principle two ways to center a table:
- Set text-align to 'center'.
  This is the old way.
- According to CSS it should be 
  as in the test case. Setting margin-left and margin-right
  to 'auto'.

Anyway, I spend a whole evening to get it centered within a div
that has an absolute positioning. But Safari wouldn't listen to me:

I tried:
- Setting text-align in the 'div' on 'center'.
- Using '<center>' tag.
- Using align='center'
- Using an additional div
- Using an additional div with fixed width.
- Using content on text/html and text/xml (as suggested in the comments).
- Using a table within a table.

It won't work. Safari can't center a table within a div that has position
on absolute.

Therefor, I consider this is bug rather sever.

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