[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 6257] Throw errors on invalid expressions/support non-PCRE regexp (KJS merge)

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Tue Dec 27 13:14:12 PST 2005


------- Additional Comments From ggaren at apple.com  2005-12-27 13:14 -------
We should figure out why the tests are newly-failing and fix them or the patch. 

A quick glance indicates that ecma_3/RegExp/regress-119909.js now reports as a failure because it 
throws an exception (whereas it used to silently ignore the regexp). I think that's a bug in how we interpret 
success/failure, because the test expects you to recognize the pattern as illegitimate. 

ecma_2/RegExp/properties-001.js used to pass fully, and now the exception prevents it from running. So 
we may need to surround a part of the test in a try/catch block. I'm also curious about why it used to pass 
-- probably because it barfed on an expression that wasn't expected to match in the first place.

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