[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 5538] XSLT crashes with multi-word internal entity declarations

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Sun Dec 11 19:22:52 PST 2005


------- Additional Comments From darin at apple.com  2005-12-11 19:22 -------
Crash is due to code using the IS_XSLT_ELEM macro on a node that's actually an entity declaration.

Perhaps it's a bug that IS_XSLT_ELEM doesn't work properly in that case, but more likely there's some 
subtle rule about when you can use that macro. Apparently, many XML nodes don't have any of the fields 
in the xmlNode structure past the "common part", so it's strange that xmlNode includes these fields and 
strange that IS_XSLT_ELEM looks at the "ns" field without first checking the element type.

Fix is presumably to check the element type before calling IS_XSLT_ELEM. Perhaps also libxslt should have 
that macro fixed so it works on any node.

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