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Thu Feb 4 21:48:58 PST 2021

Devin Rousso <drousso at apple.com> has granted Patrick Angle <pangle at apple.com>'s
request for review:
Bug 221228: Web Inspector: Implement backend support for maintaining a list of
Grid layout contexts

Attachment 419358: Patch v1.2 - Review Notes


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Patch v1.2 - Review Notes

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r=me (after EWS is happy), nice fixes!	Thanks for iterating with me :)

> Source/JavaScriptCore/inspector/protocol/CSS.json:456
> +		   { "name": "layoutContextType", "$ref": "LayoutContextType",
"optional": true, "description": "The new layout context type of the node." }

NIT: I'd suggest expanding this description a bit to indicate what not
providing `layoutContextType` means (e.g. "When not provided the
`LayoutContextType` of the node is something that Web Inspector doesn't have
specific functionality for." or something).

> Source/WebCore/inspector/agents/InspectorCSSAgent.cpp:942
> +    if (newLayoutContextType != layoutContextTypeForRenderer(oldRenderer)) {

NIT: you could make this into an early-return instead of nesting :P

> Source/WebInspectorUI/UserInterface/Models/DOMNode.js:1159
> +WI.DOMNode.LayoutContextType = {

NIT: since the name of this doesn't directly match any `WI.CSS*` model object,
perhaps a comment like
    // Corresponds to `CSS.LayoutContextType`.
would be helpful (and allow for searching) :)

> LayoutTests/inspector/css/nodeLayoutContextTypeChanged.html:24
> +		   let domNode = await WI.domManager.nodeForId(nodeId);

NIT: no need for `await` since `WI.DOMManager.prototype.nodeForId` is not
`async` :P

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