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Alex Christensen <achristensen at apple.com> has denied Alex Christensen
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Bug 216202: Allow TextCodec::decode to properly handle streams

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>> Source/WebCore/ChangeLog:8
>> +	    In order to properly handle cases like a stream breaking in the
middle of a surrogate pair
> Doesn't text decoding already properly handle such cases when decoding
content as it comes from the network?

That uses TextResourceDecoder, which stores a std::unique_ptr<TextCodec> which
keeps state instead of keeping a buffer like TextDecoder currently does.  While
this approach passes all existing web platform tests, it is incorrect.	I need
to keep a std::unique_ptr<TextCodec> instead of a buffer, and I should probably
add a test that fails with this implementation and passes with a correct
implementation.  the only decoding failures in the existing tests are at the
end of a stream block.

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