[webkit-reviews] review granted: [Bug 213822] [JSC] Implement Intl.DateTimeFormat.formatRangeToParts : [Attachment 413783] Patch

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Wed Nov 11 11:43:10 PST 2020

Ross Kirsling <ross.kirsling at sony.com> has granted  review:
Bug 213822: [JSC] Implement Intl.DateTimeFormat.formatRangeToParts

Attachment 413783: Patch


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r=me. Such a complex feature, even before having to worry about ICU versions
and Gregorian vs. Julian...
I really appreciate the detailed comments and thorough tests. #マジ乙

> Source/JavaScriptCore/runtime/IntlDateTimeFormat.cpp:1647
> +    auto sourceType = [&](int32_t index) -> JSString* {

Seems like you could actually move this into createPart?

> Source/WTF/wtf/Range.h:118
> +    bool subsumes(const Range& other) const

Is this used implicitly somewhere, or did it end up unnecessary?

> JSTests/ChangeLog:33
> +	   * test262/expectations.yaml:

Let's add a note here about the version-dependent failures.

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