[webkit-reviews] review granted: [Bug 202183] [Win] Update KeyboardEvent as per the latest specification : [Attachment 384320] Patch

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Mon Nov 25 19:23:16 PST 2019

Ross Kirsling <ross.kirsling at sony.com> has granted Fujii Hironori
<Hironori.Fujii at sony.com>'s request for review:
Bug 202183: [Win] Update KeyboardEvent as per the latest specification

Attachment 384320: Patch


--- Comment #28 from Ross Kirsling <ross.kirsling at sony.com> ---
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> Source/WebCore/platform/win/WindowsKeyNames.cpp:194
> +	       // VK_KANA isn't generated by any modern layouts but is a listed
> +	       // that third-party apps might synthesize, so we handle it

Style nit: indentation

> Source/WebCore/platform/win/WindowsKeyNames.cpp:274
> +	   KeyModifierSet({KeyModifier::Shift, KeyModifier::CapsLock}) &

Style nit: spaces inside braces

> Source/WebCore/platform/win/WindowsKeyNames.cpp:522
> +		       m_printableKeyCodeToKey.set(std::make_pair(virtualKey,
modifiers), makeString(UChar(translatedChars[0])));

Seems like we should use WTF::ucharFrom...but then it's only one character.
(Then again, I guess if it weren't just one character then you wouldn't need
makeString either, since there's String(const wchar_t*). Oh well.)

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