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Brent Fulgham <bfulgham at webkit.org> has denied John Wilander
<wilander at apple.com>'s request for review:
Bug 195301: Resource Load Statistics: Log first-party navigations with link

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I think this looks right, but I'd suggest getting rid of the new column for
'gotLinkDecorationFromPrevalentResource' in ObservedDomains. It's already
modeled in the database separately.

> +constexpr auto gotLinkDecorationFromPrevalentResourceQuery = "SELECT
gotLinkDecorationFromPrevalentResource FROM ObservedDomains WHERE
registrableDomain = ?"_s;

This is trying to retrieve a column from ObservedDomains that doesn't exist (it
would needed to be added to the CREATE for ObservedDomains).

However: I think you are properly modeling it as a relationship between the two
origins, so an explicit flag is probably not needed in the table. And the fact
that we were redirected to by a prevalent domain is already represented as the
JOIN of your new table and the ObservedOrigin's existing 'isPrevalent' flag.

So I don't think you need these two queries.

> +    , m_gotLinkDecorationFromPrevalentResource(m_database,

I don't think we need these two statements (and they aren't used!)

> +	       RELEASE_LOG_ERROR(Network, "%p -
urceStatement failed, error message: %{public}s", this,

I don't think we want to add this column to ObservedDomains. Instead, I think
we want to teach "recursivelyFindNonPrevalentDomainsThatRedirectedToThisDomain"
to check for this, or to have our query about whether a resource has been
cross-site loaded with link decoration just join the tables, since we know the
from ID, and we can look up if one of the fromID's was prevalent.

> +    mutable WebCore::SQLiteStatement

I don't think we need these two statements.

> +    gotLinkDecorationFromPrevalentResource: Yes    isPrevalentResource: No

Where is this information coming from? dumpResourceLoadStatistics? I haven't
made sure that works yet :-)

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