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Alex Christensen <achristensen at apple.com> has denied  review:
Bug 200165: WebSockets: response Set-Cookie header not handled when using
platform APIs

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>> Source/WebKit/NetworkProcess/NetworkSocketChannel.cpp:111
>> +   
okies(), SameSiteInfo::create(m_request),
> The call to setCookiesFromDOM seems strange to me since this is a regular
HTTP response processing code path.
> Looking at MacOS setCookiesFromDOM implementation, this is mostly ok except
that we are doing client-side cookie checks to validate the duration.
> If we compare to the WebProcess handshake implementation, this is status quo
but I wonder if there is something better we could do here.

setCookiesFromDOM is for document.cookie=something. That should not be used
here because an HTTP-only cookie sent to a web socket handshake should not be
accessible from document.cookie. Could you add a test that verifies that?

Also, your code in NetworkSocketChannel::setCookies should be in a
soup-specific file because the NSURLSession-based implementation will not have
CFNetwork give WebKit cookies to tell CFNetwork to store. It will just do that
for us.

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