[webkit-reviews] review denied: [Bug 195264] Web Inspector: CSS Changes: modifications aren't shared for rules that match multiple elements : [Attachment 366683] Patch

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Mon Apr 22 10:37:45 PDT 2019

Devin Rousso <drousso at apple.com> has denied Nikita Vasilyev
<nvasilyev at apple.com>'s request for review:
Bug 195264: Web Inspector: CSS Changes: modifications aren't shared for rules
that match multiple elements

Attachment 366683: Patch


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r-, I'm still confused as to why we "need" jsdiff?  It seems like the majority
of that library focuses on text diffing, which we aren't using at all.	Is
there a reason why we can't modify `Array.diffArrays` to support a custom
comparator?  If there's "more advanced" functionality provided by jsdiff, is it
something which we could try to duplicate using our style/logic/methodology in

If we do end up using jsdiff, you'll need to modify
WebInspectorUI/Scripts/copy-user-interface-resources.pl to make sure it's
included in minified builds (you should probably also change

> Source/WebInspectorUI/UserInterface/Models/CSSProperty.js:508
> +    ModifiedStatusChanged: "css-property-modified-status-changed",

NIT: I realize that there's already a `*StatusChanged` event for this object,
but I'd prefer `*StateChanged` (more common), or even better just `*Changed`
(the most common).  It avoids unnecessary characters and conveys the same

> Source/WebInspectorUI/UserInterface/Models/CSSStyleDeclaration.js:59
> +    set initialState(state) { this._initialState = state || null; }

When is this used?  Is it necessary to have the fallback `|| null`?

> Source/WebInspectorUI/UserInterface/Models/CSSStyleDeclaration.js:434
> +	       if (item.added) {

Is the reason that we don't need to check for `item.removed` as well because
the removed value won't be visible in the Rules panel (e.g. it'll have been

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