[webkit-reviews] review granted: [Bug 136132] [GStreamer] ASSERT failure in WebKitWebSource in StreamingClient : [Attachment 237008] Patch

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Mon Aug 25 00:28:20 PDT 2014

Philippe Normand <pnormand at igalia.com> has granted Brendan Long
<b.long at cablelabs.com>'s request for review:
Bug 136132: [GStreamer] ASSERT failure in WebKitWebSource in StreamingClient

Attachment 237008: Patch

------- Additional Comments from Philippe Normand <pnormand at igalia.com>
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Not setting cq+ yet, is the crack word a typo in the ChangeLog? :)

> Source/WebCore/ChangeLog:8
> +	   don't construct this ourselves, I assume this is happening in

Yes it happens at least in the HLS case when the demuxer creates a new
webkitsrc element using gst_element_make_from_uri() to download a new fragment.
I suppose it's similar for DASH.

> Source/WebCore/ChangeLog:12
> +	   This should work, but actually causes the page to either lock up or
crack (different

crack? :)

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