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Yusuke Suzuki <utatane.tea at gmail.com> has canceled Yusuke Suzuki
<utatane.tea at gmail.com>'s request for review:
Bug 135639: CSS: Refactor :visited handling in SelectorChecker

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------- Additional Comments from Yusuke Suzuki <utatane.tea at gmail.com>
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> Source/WebCore/css/SelectorChecker.cpp:-131
> -SelectorChecker::SelectorChecker(Document& document, Mode mode)

Move mode from SelectorChecker to Context. It makes context layout more similar
to CSS JIT Context.

> Source/WebCore/css/SelectorChecker.cpp:172
> +static SelectorChecker::SelectorCheckingContext walkToParentElement(const
SelectorChecker::SelectorCheckingContext& context)

Not to forget to check current element `isLink` when walking to the parent
node, extracted it to this function.

> Source/WebCore/css/SelectorChecker.cpp:237
> +	   if (relation != CSSSelector::Descendant && relation !=

Don't check `isLink` here.

> Source/WebCore/css/SelectorChecker.cpp:248
> +	   for (; nextContext.element; nextContext =
walkToParentElement(nextContext)) {

Use `walkToParentElement` in descendant traversing.

> Source/WebCore/css/SelectorChecker.cpp:705
> +		   return eleemnt->isLink();

When `:-webkit-any(:visited)` case, treat it as `:-webkit-any(:-any-link)`. It
keeps consistent between selector matching behavior and linkMatchType.

> Source/WebCore/css/SelectorChecker.h:-58
> -	   SelectorCheckingContext(const CSSSelector* selector, Element*
element, VisitedMatchType visitedMatchType)

Hide VisitedMatchType from public API.

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