[webkit-reviews] review canceled: [Bug 97229] Spatial navigation is not working for anchor with inline div with inline img : [Attachment 209285] Patch 2

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Tue Sep 3 08:00:08 PDT 2013

Abhijeet Kandalkar <kandalkar.abhijeet58 at gmail.com> has canceled Abhijeet
Kandalkar <kandalkar.abhijeet58 at gmail.com>'s request for review:
Bug 97229: Spatial navigation is not working for anchor with inline div with
inline img

Attachment 209285: Patch 2

------- Additional Comments from Abhijeet Kandalkar
<kandalkar.abhijeet58 at gmail.com>
Hi Simon,
I have updated patch as per your comments, please have look of it.

Below 5 test cases are working fine(as per user expectation) by just updating
new test results.
The new behavior is identical to the TAB key navigation.

1. LayoutTests/fast/spatial-navigation/snav-container-white-space.html
2. LayoutTests/fast/spatial-navigation/snav-div-overflow-scrol-hidden.html
3. LayoutTests/fast/spatial-navigation/snav-simple-content-overflow.html
4. LayoutTests/fast/spatial-navigation/snav-clipped-overflowed-content.html
5. LayoutTests/fast/spatial-navigation/snav-only-clipped-overflow-content.html

But, below are the 2 test cases are failing.
The behavior of these two test cases after updating new test result are not as
per user expectations.(Test expectations are failing)

1. LayoutTests/fast/spatial-navigation/snav-div-overflow-scrol-hidden.html
2. LayoutTests/fast/spatial-navigation/snav-imagemap-overlapped-areas.html

As discussed with you, Can I land the patch, mentioning above 2 failed cases as
"Test expectations are failing" .
- if Yes, 1. How to mark these 2 test cases as "Test expectations are failing"
	  2. I will raise two separate bug for these failed test cases and fix
it as separate issue.

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