[webkit-reviews] review granted: [Bug 105997] Add 'float FloatPoint::slopeAngleRadians()' : [Attachment 181266] Patch

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Fri Jan 4 07:39:44 PST 2013

Stephen White <senorblanco at chromium.org> has granted Steve Block
<steveblock at chromium.org>'s request for review:
Bug 105997: Add 'float FloatPoint::slopeAngleRadians()'

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------- Additional Comments from Stephen White <senorblanco at chromium.org>
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OK.  r=me

> Source/WebCore/rendering/svg/SVGMarkerData.h:88
> +	   double inslope = rad2deg(inslopeChange.slopeAngleRadians());

There is a slight change of precision here (calling atan2f()/rad2deg() on the
floats directly instead of promoting the floats to doubles, and calling
atan2()/rad2deg() (double flavour), then downcasting to float).  Luckily, it
doesn't seem to have an impact on pixel results.

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