[webkit-reviews] review denied: [Bug 88260] Make a builder group support+expect multiple loads. : [Attachment 145634] Patch

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Mon Jun 4 15:35:21 PDT 2012

Ojan Vafai <ojan at chromium.org> has denied Chase Phillips <cmp at chromium.org>'s
request for review:
Bug 88260: Make a builder group support+expect multiple loads.

Attachment 145634: Patch

------- Additional Comments from Ojan Vafai <ojan at chromium.org>
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Thanks for following up on this. I completely forgot about it. :( This looks
good. Just a few minor things to cleanup. FYI, when you next upload it, if you
use --request-commit in the webkit-patch command it will set cq? indicating
that you'd like the reviewer to put the patch in the commit queue once they
approve it.

> Tools/ChangeLog:7
> +

This could use a little bit more description (a couple short sentences) about
the changes being made, e.g. something like:
Each BuilderGroup now keeps track of how many sub-groups it still expects to
load. We only consider the builder group loaded once all the sub-groups have
loaded for failed to load.

> Tools/TestResultServer/static-dashboards/builders.js:51
> +CHROMIUM_LINUX_BUILDER_MASTER = new BuilderMaster('ChromiumMac',


> Tools/TestResultServer/static-dashboards/builders.js:74
> +    this.groups = 0;
> +    this.expectedGroups = expectedGroups;

Can we kill the expectedGroups argument? Instead, in requestBuilderList you
increment expectedGroups. Then the rest of the code just works without needing
to hard-code the number of expected groups.

> Tools/TestResultServer/static-dashboards/builders.js:75
> +    this.append(builders);

Do we ever pass in a non-empty builders to the constructor? Can we just remove
the argument entirely? Then we also wouldn't need the length check at the
beginning of append.

> Tools/TestResultServer/static-dashboards/builders.js:81
> +    if (flags & BuilderGroup.DEFAULT_BUILDER)
> +	   this.defaultBuilder = builder;

While you're modifying this code, would you mind putting a FIXME here to remove
this? AFAIK, we don't actually use DEFAULT_BUILDER in any meaningful way
anymore (we always just default to the first builder in alphabetical order).

> Tools/TestResultServer/static-dashboards/builders.js:100
> +    if (this.groups >= this.expectedGroups)
> +	   return true;
> +    return false;

Nit: I'd just merge this all into one line:
    return this.groups >= this.expectedGroups;

> Tools/TestResultServer/static-dashboards/builders.js:127
> +	 builderGroups[groupName] = builderGroup;

Needs 4 space indent.

> Tools/TestResultServer/static-dashboards/builders.js:210
> +	 g_handleBuildersListLoaded();

Needs 4 space indent.

> Tools/TestResultServer/static-dashboards/flakiness_dashboard_unittests.js:648

> +	   '@ToT - dummy.org': new BuilderGroup(BuilderGroup.TOT_WEBKIT, [],

This will obviously need to change given my request to remove expectedGroups
from the constructor, but I'm OK with the tests just setting
builderGroup.expectedGroups = 3. Somehow the hard-coding bothers me less in a
test. :)

> Tools/TestResultServer/static-dashboards/run-unittests.html:57
BuilderGroup(BuilderGroup.TOT_WEBKIT, [], 4);

Ditto here. This can set LAYOUT_TESTS_BUILDER_GROUPS[groupName].expectedGroups
= 4.

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