[webkit-reviews] review denied: [Bug 44505] [EFL] Missing plugins support for efl port : [Attachment 107993] EFL's plugin support

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Tue Sep 20 08:04:42 PDT 2011

Leandro Pereira <leandro at profusion.mobi> has denied Mariusz Grzegorczyk
<mariusz.g at samsung.com>'s request for review:
Bug 44505: [EFL] Missing plugins support for efl port

Attachment 107993: EFL's plugin support

------- Additional Comments from Leandro Pereira <leandro at profusion.mobi>
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Informal r- for the reason below.

> Source/WebCore/plugins/efl/PluginViewEfl.cpp:181
> +    if (filename.startsWith("file:///"))
> +#if defined(XP_UNIX)
> +	   filename = filename.substring(7);
> +#else
> +	   filename = filename.substring(8);
> +#endif

If you're on Unix, a "file:///bin/bash" URI will have the "file://" stripped,
yielding "/bin/bash". This is correct. However, I don't understand why the
first '/' is stripped in a non-Unix build, since only "file://" is part of the
URI schema. For example: "file://c:/autoexec.bat" will be transformed to
":/autoexec.bat", which is clearly wrong.

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