[webkit-reviews] review denied: [Bug 58567] invert is treated like currentColor : [Attachment 95311] RFC

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Thu Sep 1 22:33:42 PDT 2011

Dirk Schulze <krit at webkit.org> has denied David Barr <davidbarr at chromium.org>'s
request for review:
Bug 58567: invert is treated like currentColor

Attachment 95311: RFC

------- Additional Comments from Dirk Schulze <krit at webkit.org>
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If you change the rendering part you need a test case. But it looks like this
patch is not intended to land as is, right?

>> Source/WebCore/platform/graphics/gpu/SharedGraphicsContext3D.cpp:348
>> +	    // unsupported
>> +	    m_context->disable(GraphicsContext3D::BLEND);
> Alternatively, something like:
> m_context->enable(GraphicsContext3D::BLEND);
> m_context->blendEquation(GraphicsContext3D::FUNC_SUBTRACT);
> m_context->blendFunc(GraphicsContext3D::ONE, GraphicsContext3D::ONE);

If you have an alternative, you should use it (if the result looks the same).

>> Source/WebCore/platform/graphics/openvg/PainterOpenVG.cpp:289
>> +		notImplemented();
> As best I can tell, there is no subtraction filter available in the OpenVG

But is notImplemented() a good idea? Can't you use another blend operation and
add a FIXME ?

> Source/WebCore/rendering/RenderInline.cpp:1410
> +    bool invertColor = true;

If invertColor is always true, why do you check for it?

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