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Pierre Rossi <pierre.rossi at gmail.com> has denied Pierre Rossi
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Bug 74293: [Qt] Mobile theme could use a little refresh

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------- Additional Comments from Pierre Rossi <pierre.rossi at gmail.com>
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>> Source/WebCore/css/mobileThemeQt.css:30
>> +}
> What about using Nokia font if available?

@Kenneth: that's a actually not a bad idea at all... ;)

>> Source/WebCore/platform/qt/RenderThemeQtMobile.cpp:100
>> +static inline QRect squareFromRect(const QRect& rect)
> expandRectToSquare ?

Actually it shrinks, so I'd probably go with shrinkRectToSquare. Your comment
makes it clear that the name is not clear enough :)

>> Source/WebCore/platform/qt/RenderThemeQtMobile.cpp:116
>> +	    painter->setRenderHint(QPainter::SmoothPixmapTransform);
> is old stored somewhere? or could this be two lines? what about adding a
comment and also I dislike old* :-) previous sounds more clear

I basically named it that to be consistent with what was already there in
stylePainter (oldBrush and oldAntiAliasing).

>> Source/WebCore/platform/qt/RenderThemeQtMobile.cpp:171
>> +	if (true || !QPixmapCache::find(key, result)) {
> true || ?

duh, I should really read things again sometimes. Remainders from testing

>> Source/WebCore/platform/qt/RenderThemeQtMobile.cpp:190
>> +	const int border = size.width()/ 4;
> Coding style: " / " :)

Interesting that this wasn't caught by check-webkit-style...

>> Source/WebCore/platform/qt/RenderThemeQtMobile.cpp:213
>> +//	  painter->fillRect(QRect(QPoint(0,0), size), Qt::red);
> Uh?

yup, I should definitely have proof-read that...

>> Source/WebCore/platform/qt/RenderThemeQtMobile.cpp:226
>> +	const int width = size.width();
> why do you do with this width and not height which you use multiple places

true. Should have done that when I changed the spacing to not be constant.

>> Source/WebCore/platform/qt/RenderThemeQtMobile.cpp:267
>> +	    + QLatin1String("-") + (enabled ? QLatin1String("on") :
> You seem to do this multiple places? maybe we need a dedicated method for
doing this

While I agree there seems to be a pattern, it's done in 4 places with a
different number and type of arguments. I'm just not sure it's worth

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