[webkit-reviews] review denied: [Bug 74017] [Chromium] Add per-tile drawing flag to DumpRenderTree. : [Attachment 118250] Patch

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Wed Dec 7 17:36:19 PST 2011

James Robinson <jamesr at chromium.org> has denied David Reveman
<reveman at chromium.org>'s request for review:
Bug 74017: [Chromium] Add per-tile drawing flag to DumpRenderTree.

Attachment 118250: Patch

------- Additional Comments from James Robinson <jamesr at chromium.org>
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Can you look into the test failure?

> Source/WebCore/page/Settings.h:504
> +	   void setPerTileDrawingEnabled(bool enabled) {
m_perTileDrawingEnabled = enabled; }
> +	   bool perTileDrawingEnabled() const { return m_perTileDrawingEnabled;

this should be painting, methinks

>>> Source/WebKit/chromium/src/WebViewImpl.cpp:2906
>>> +	     ccSettings.perTilePainting =
>> is it per-tile drawing or per-tile painting?
>> i thought we made a careful distinction between those terms.  seeing
>> them equated here makes me confused.
> It's currently "accelerated painting" in the compositor but "accelerated
drawing" outside. This change makes the "per-tile" option consistent with the
"accelerated" option. If we want "painting" to be used everywhere, both of
these options should change.

"accelerated drawing" exists only in cross-platform code because it's the term
that apple likes to use for what we call accelerated painting. We should
continue to use that term in cross-platform code where it's necessary, but
stick to painting everywhere else

> Tools/Scripts/webkitpy/layout_tests/run_webkit_tests.py:223
> +	   optparse.make_option("--per-tile-drawing",

this also should be painting

> Tools/Scripts/webkitpy/layout_tests/run_webkit_tests.py:225
> +	       help="Use per-tile drawing of composited pages"),


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