[webkit-reviews] review requested: [Bug 24396] Review use of ENABLE(3D_TRANSFORMS) macro : [Attachment 28674] Patch, changelogs

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Mon Mar 16 18:14:20 PDT 2009

Simon Fraser (smfr) <simon.fraser at apple.com> has asked	for review:
Bug 24396: Review use of ENABLE(3D_TRANSFORMS) macro

Attachment 28674: Patch, changelogs

------- Additional Comments from Simon Fraser (smfr) <simon.fraser at apple.com>
The thrust of this patch is to change the 3d flag from "has 3d transforms" to
"has 3d rendering". "has 3d transforms" no longer makes sense, since we parse
and keep 3d transforms in RenderStyles on all platforms. What we need to know,
instead, is whether the platform supports 3d rendering, and if it does not, we
need to flatten to affine for rendering and hit testing. We also need to make
sure that the media query gives the correct answer.

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