[webkit-reviews] review cancelled: [Bug 24260] Loading progress for blank views : [Attachment 28116] This corrects mime and navigation handling

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Fri Mar 6 12:05:04 PST 2009

Christian Dywan <christian at twotoasts.de> has cancelled Christian Dywan
<christian at twotoasts.de>'s request for review:
Bug 24260: Loading progress for blank views

Attachment 28116: This corrects mime and navigation handling

------- Additional Comments from Christian Dywan <christian at twotoasts.de>
(In reply to comment #3)
> I think we should either use our webkit_web_policy_decision functions
> everywhere or not, but don't mix them with the low level C++ alternative.
> than that looks great!

I agree mixing isn't good for readbility. I chose to use WebKitGTK+ API
everywhere now including existing calls, I think it's a little easier on the
eyes than the bracket-heavy WebCore version.

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