[webkit-reviews] review requested: [Bug 3547] XMLHttpRequest.statusText returns always "OK" : [Attachment 28306] patch

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Thu Mar 5 09:01:41 PST 2009

Adam Bergkvist <adam.bergkvist at ericsson.com> has asked	for review:
Bug 3547: XMLHttpRequest.statusText returns always "OK"

Attachment 28306: patch

------- Additional Comments from Adam Bergkvist <adam.bergkvist at ericsson.com>
Patch changes default expected results for tests 012 and 013
(http/tests/xmlhttprequest/web-apps/) to PASS and adds platform specific
expected results for mac.

Modified XMLHttpRequest::statusText to return the status text if available
regardless of the state. (Same behavior as XMLHttpRequest::status.)

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