[webkit-reviews] review cancelled: [Bug 16826] [Gtk] Implement WebKitDownload : [Attachment 28111] implements download and provides a nice API

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Mon Mar 2 11:45:42 PST 2009

Gustavo Noronha (kov) <gns at gnome.org> has cancelled Gustavo Noronha (kov)
<gns at gnome.org>'s request for review:
Bug 16826: [Gtk] Implement WebKitDownload

Attachment 28111: implements download and provides a nice API

------- Additional Comments from Gustavo Noronha (kov) <gns at gnome.org>
This work has been reviewed by almost all major WebKitGTK+ contributors, and we
have a consensus on how the API should look like. This version of the patch
fixes some issues raised on IRC (removes the unnecessary download_requested
virtual class member in WebKitWebView, mainly) and contains some minor style
convention corrections.

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