[webkit-reviews] review requested: [Bug 22720] Make XMLHttpRequest work in Workers : [Attachment 26846] Addressed comments form last patch.

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Mon Jan 19 11:44:41 PST 2009

David Levin <levin at chromium.org> has asked  for review:
Bug 22720: Make XMLHttpRequest work in Workers

Attachment 26846: Addressed comments form last patch.

------- Additional Comments from David Levin <levin at chromium.org>
> > +	 PassRefPtr<GenericWorkerTask6<P1, MP1, P2, MP2, P3, MP3, P4, MP4, P5,
MP5, P6, MP6> > createCallbackTask(
> > +	     WorkerMessagingProxy* messagingProxy,
> > +	     void (*method)(ScriptExecutionContext*, MP1, MP2, MP3, MP4, MP5,

> I think there is a typedef for this type (Method) that you could use here.
> for return type.
Only within the template class.  The reason why this function isn't part of the
class is because C++ doesn't seem to allow the types to be inferred (without
being stated explicitly).  afaik, this is possible within a class.  (All
template parameter would be have to be stated explicitily).

> In general, this class is almost a generic wrapper for method invocation,
> having it all just for workers may be sub-optimal. I'm not requesting that
> do anything about this now.
I see what you mean.  I'll think about this but I may not get to it right away.

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