[webkit-reviews] review denied: [Bug 23116] [GTK] fix random libsoup crashes : [Attachment 26530] patch 2, try 2

bugzilla-daemon at webkit.org bugzilla-daemon at webkit.org
Thu Jan 8 15:51:33 PST 2009

Holger Freyther <zecke at selfish.org> has denied Benjamin Otte <otte at gnome.org>'s
request for review:
Bug 23116: [GTK] fix random libsoup crashes

Attachment 26530: patch 2, try 2

------- Additional Comments from Holger Freyther <zecke at selfish.org>
Sorry, there are way too many style issues to fix them when landing. Please
indent with spaces. Please try to avoid using NULL in C++ code. E.g. when you
shuffle code around also remove the NULL and use 0? thanks

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