[webkit-reviews] review denied: [Bug 23118] add Android platform-specific files : [Attachment 26430] WebKit platform files for Android

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Mon Jan 5 08:55:19 PST 2009

Oliver Hunt <oliver at apple.com> has denied Cary Clark <caryclark at google.com>'s
request for review:
Bug 23118: add Android platform-specific files

Attachment 26430: WebKit platform files for Android

------- Additional Comments from Oliver Hunt <oliver at apple.com>
First pass is just formatting issues, 
  * the opening '{' for a method should go the the line following the
  * license comments at the beginning of the files should have a single column
of '*' not '**' (I'd prefer these be lgpl v2 or bsd like the rest of webkit but
i am not sure if there's a rule about that)
  * Plenty of commented code like "//  virtual void
didChangeTypingStyle:(NSNotification *)notification;" exists which is less than
ideal, they should be converted to the appropriate platform specific model, and
have fixme's (or whatever) inserted.
  * Inside WebCore and WebKit rather than continually repeating
WTF::Vector/RefPtr etc you should put "using namespace WTF" at the top of the
implementation file and ddrop the naespace prefix
  * You should not be including a copy of the stl at all,  WTF provides
everything that should be necessary, and including stl for the hell of it is

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