[webkit-reviews] review granted: [Bug 32988] Add RVCT compiler optimization flag Otime : [Attachment 45565] Patch for rvct -Otime optimization

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Mon Dec 28 12:00:54 PST 2009

Norbert Leser <norbert.leser at nokia.com> has granted  review:
Bug 32988: Add RVCT compiler optimization flag Otime

Attachment 45565: Patch for rvct -Otime optimization

------- Additional Comments from Norbert Leser <norbert.leser at nokia.com>
Adding the RVCT compiler (ARM target) optimization flags "-Otime -O3" (Default
settings are -Ospace and -O2) significantly increases performance of local JS
processing (dramatically better results of V8 and Sunspider tests, for
instance). The trade-offs on runtime memory consumption are relatively small,
though, text size of dll increases by about 1MB.

This compiler flag is set conditionally, for symbian platform.

The compiler chokes on , however. It appears that the compiler with -Otime
optimization flag tries to optimize out inline new'ed pointers that are passed
as arguments.
Proposed patch assigns new'ed pointer explicitly outside function call. This
should not cause any regression on other platforms.
Alternative approach would be to work around this case by using "#pragma
Ospace", conditionally for COMPILER(RVCT), but that would add an otherwise
unneeded #define.

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