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Mon Dec 21 08:33:46 PST 2009

Luiz Agostini <luiz.agostini at openbossa.org> has asked  for review:
Bug 32826: [Qt] Delegation client

Attachment 45332: Qt delegation client

------- Additional Comments from Luiz Agostini <luiz.agostini at openbossa.org>
The new class QtPlatformPageClient replaced the class QWebPageClient
as type PlataformPageClient (Widget.h 79). QtPlatformPageClient is composed
by an instance of QWebPageClient and an instance of the new class
QtDelegationClient. This way an object of class QtDelegationClient provided by
the WebKit layer is easily accessible in WebCore layer through the
HostWindow intreface.

All related changes have been made in WebCore and WebKit layers.

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